Human trafficking is an invisible blight on American society. Many Americans think “It could never happen in my neighborhood” or “I’d never let myself be tricked or abducted.” Sadly, the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics shows that thousands of traffickers are brought to justice every year. Which may lead you to ponder how many thousands go undetected or unabated? Human trafficking is a real danger in America today.

How can you best prepare to protect yourself or your family from the dangers of human trafficking? Kendra Geronimo, sex-trafficking survivor and founder of Liberation Team, LLC, agreed to share her harrowing true story of deceit, abduction, survival and escape.

From Victim to Defender

After relating her terrifying story of being drugged and kidnapped by people she thought were her friends, Kendra reveals how seeing her captor’s name on a television documentary dredged up the terror she had worked so hard to suppress. The resurgence of those old feelings of helplessness and despair caused Kendra to reflect on how lax she had allowed herself to become about personal safety and situational awareness.

What is Kendra’s best advice for avoiding human trafficking? How does her new personal protection plan tie in with her right to carry a concealed weapon? Watch this gripping video to learn all of that and more.