It isn’t uncommon for well-versed criminals to “shark-bump” a potential victim. One of the most usual ways for them to do so is to ask seemingly harmless questions. Your response will let a potential assailant know if you’re a potential victim.

How Do Criminals Choose Victims?

Violent predators often prefer aggressive panhandling to gauge if someone would make an easy target. This is known as a bump-biting. Sharks use this method to half-bump/half-bite something in the water to see if it’s worth trying to eat.

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Criminals will ask for money or a cigarette to size up targets as well as get what they want. If you say yes and reach into your pocket, that gives offenders the opportunity to determine your size, general age and muscular build. The most experienced predators can do this in less than a second.

Another method of gauging victims is for the attacker to shake your hand. This will tie up your dominant hand and hinders reaction abilities. These techniques are often employed on the street where people aren’t paying attention.

How Do Prevent Becoming a Victim?

Do not stop and engage with panhandlers. Keep moving, be firm in your no and look him or her in the eye. This shows any potential assailant that you are aware of your surroundings and will put up a fight. Be firm, be strong, and keep moving.

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