Carrying a handgun under deep cover is an exercise in compromise. For more concealability, you get less accessibility. The debate on where to draw the line on these two ends of the carry spectrum ends on the 12th of never.

Innovative manufacturers have integrated holsters into undergarments. One attaches a holster to a very stretchy, tight sleeveless T-shirt. It’s a discreet and stable platform, but it is uncomfortable after a few hours and is restrictive if you need to breathe deeply. Another attaches a holster in a shoulder-holster-type rig made from white elastic. The main stabilizer for this rig requires you to Velcro a 4-inch-wide elastic band around your torso, directly over your chest. The tighter you affix the band, the more stable the ride, and the less ability you have to inhale regularly. These are passable solutions for some carry applications, but they are not ideal.

Concealed Carry Wear offers one solution: a T-shirt with a holster. Or is it vice versa? Either way, the idea is to safely, securely and discreetly carry a handgun in the same general location as you would with a shoulder holster (except there’s no leather strapping, bulky holster, tie-down or counterbalancing magazine pouch). Your gun is less accessible since it is under a cover garment that likely snaps or buttons in the front.

The Concealed Carry Wear Holster Shirt offers the least restrictive and most comfortable of these deep-carry options. It is pretty much a standard T-shirt with an elastic holster sewn in. The T-shirt prevents sagging through a tighter fit and an integrated strap that goes over the shoulder while remaining under the T-shirt.

Carrying a SIG Sauer P365 in the holster was a decent experience. The gun’s weight was supported by the integrated strap, and the elastic holster kept the gun fairly close. A Velcro retention strap seemed superfluous; at no time did I sense the gun wanting to exit the holster. I ordered a medium shirt, but after wearing it, I wished for a size small just for the added stability a tighter shirt would afford.

Bottom line: I could put a dress shirt or any other shirt over the Holster Shirt, button it up, tuck it in and be just a few seconds from having the gun in hand. Best of all, I could breathe easily.

While the P365 carried fine in the T-shirt, I am going to switch to a J-frame and see how things improve. As is, the small SIG flops around a bit, so I am not going running or engaging in any strenuous exercise. But I am more willingly carrying all day now — and not worrying about having enough room to breathe.

The T-shirt holster holds handguns of many shapes and sizes and is made from a 50/50 poly-cotton blend. It has some stretch and will not shrink into oblivion after one wash. Made in the USA, this Concealed Carry Wear item retails for $35.95. Whether it’s a T-shirt with a holster or a holster with a T-shirt is up to you.

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