If you do a lot of driving, the Gozenta from Hawg Holsters might be the product for you. This little laser-cut multi-tool secures your holstered handgun to the receiver end of a seatbelt buckle in your vehicle. (Of course, you will want to utilize the receiver end of a seatbelt that your passenger is not using, but you get the idea.)

An Ulticlip clips onto the Gozenta, and the Gozenta attaches to the seatbelt buckle. The holster can be quickly removed from the Gozenta and returned to the belt without ever removing the gun from the holster. By keeping the gun holstered, you keep it safe because the trigger is covered at all times.

The Gozenta also has a bottle opener, a small ruler and access points for hex driver bits built right in. When driving, your gun will remain safe, secure and right where you need it if you have to defend against a carjacking. Plus, it is a lot more comfortable if you do not have to sit on that gun during the entire car ride.

Make Sure You Are Legal

Remember to check your local laws about the legality of carrying your gun in a vehicle. Laws differ from state to state about how and where you can legally carry your firearm in a vehicle. Learn the law and follow it.