I’ll keep this short for all the Marines out there who already endured their fair share of long speeches.

Happy birthday, Marines! Celebrate. Raise a glass. Share some stories. Eat some freakin’ cake.

You earned it.

But whatever you do, take some time to reach out to your brothers and sisters today. Our history and our fellow Marines are what make this day so special.

“Once a Marine, always a Marine” is not just a slogan. Here’s to 247 years of success for our Corps. 

I’ll be honest, the Marine Corps Birthday is the only birthday I really celebrate anymore. It’s hard to explain, but November 10 is just a different kind of day for me now.

This is the birthday I earned. But more than that, it’s the birthday I get to share every year with all my brothers and sisters who did the same.

In fact, every single year I get to celebrate with Marines who also work here at the USCCA. (Yes, there are quite a few of us here). Thanks to my USCCA family, I’ve been fortunate enough to find my next mission serving responsible protectors here at home.

If you’re still wearing the uniform today, thank you. Stay safe and take care of your fellow Marines.

If you’re out, I hope you found that next mission too.

Here’s to 247 years of success for our Corps.

The US Marine Corps motto: Semper Fidelis in red script on a transparent background.