With millions of new gun owners joining the 2A community over the last few years alone, many people in the media are trying to discover and expose the reasons why people buy firearms. Unfortunately, since many members of the media have been misled or misinformed (or are even anti-gun), they tend to paint a picture of gun owners as having hostile inclinations, irrational fears or poor judgment.

But the responsibly armed know there are myriad and multifaceted reasons why people have chosen gun ownership. From personal freedom and empowerment to the protection of self and loved ones, armed resistance and self-defense have become the norm for people who prioritize personal safety and responsibility.

Considering Options

I think over the last few years especially, people have been really challenged to be more resourceful and consider more options, strategies and methods they may not have considered before for dealing with emergencies. I know so many more families who are storing water and food and taking classes for survival, safety and self-defense. Along with that mindset, many people decided it was time to think about firearms for the protection of home and family.

With that, I think it’s a misunderstanding that a gun can make you safe. That’s another concept the media often gets wrong. It’s not the gun or the tool itself that makes someone safe. The mindset and the training have to go along with that firearm. Conflict avoidance and situational awareness make you safe. It’s making wise decisions and planning ahead. Safety is being prepared and having options that could potentially buy you time or save a life.

Choosing Firearms

Of course, deciding to own firearms is a very personal choice that may not be for every person. But for many, gun ownership means being prepared and proactive and having an option as a last resort should we ever face an imminent threat. Choosing firearms and the defensive training that goes along with it is based on the desire to feel less vulnerable and not ever be completely helpless, waiting for assistance. It comes from not wanting to be a victim. It comes from knowing there is evil in the world and having that instinct — and the natural right — to protect myself and my family. It’s not about desperation. Owning a gun is preparation. And it does not come from hate; it comes from love.

I doubt that many members of the mainstream media will ever acknowledge that (or publish that). But the responsibly armed know the truth. And it’s really quite the opposite of the narratives they try to present. We don’t choose guns for aggression, anxiety or recklessness. We choose guns for defense, assurance and caution.