Numerous questions surround storing a concealed weapon in a vehicle glove box. Are you legally permitted to carry a firearm in a glove box? Is it wise from a tactical or safety standpoint to do so? The short answer is no. By placing your concealed carry gun in a car glove box, you may be breaking the law or even jeopardizing your life or the lives of others.

Safety Considerations of Keeping a Gun in the Glove Box

While it might seem like storing your concealed carry weapon in your glove box is the safest way to transport it, it comes with risks. Most importantly, passengers can easily access it. Do you trust every person who rides in your car to handle a weapon? For example, a child can easily open your glove box and grab hold of a concealed carryConcealed Carry is the practice of carrying a concealed weapon on one’s person in public. Concealed firearms can be carried on a person’s body, typically in a holster, or off body in a purse, backpack or other specialized concealment accessories and garments. firearm.

If your car is broken into, a burglar can steal your concealed gun and use it to commit a crime. The first place a burglar searches is the glove box or center console where most valuables are stored. By not responsibly securing a gun at all times, you may be inadvertently contributing to crime.

Storing a gun in a glove box could also put your life at risk. If you get pulled over and reach for your registration and insurance, an officer could spot your gun. It could cause him or her to panic. The last thing you want is the officer to draw his or her gun because it appears you are reaching for a gun. Traffic stops are one of the most dangerous duties police officers perform. So officers have every reason to be on edge when they approach a vehicle. It’s best not to do anything that might heighten officers’ levels of concern.

For those of you who think you would never forget to mention to the officer that you have a concealed carry weapon in the glove box, don’t overestimate yourself. How many times have you tried to get into your car and forgot you left the keys on the kitchen counter? How about accidentally left your wallet in the car when you went into a store? We all have plenty on our minds these days.

Concealed Carry in Your Car: Tactical Considerations

Stashing your gun anywhere not on you is not recommended. (In some states, you don’t have a choice.) In an emergency, the last thing you want to do is reach over to the passenger side of your vehicle or rummage through a cluttered glove box, guessing where your weapon is located. The seconds it takes to reach over, open the glove box and get your gun can be the difference between life and death. Nothing beats having a gun on your body. Quick and easy access always wins the day.

Legal Considerations of Storing Your Gun in a Vehicle

The laws about concealed carry in a vehicle are different in each state and can be rather confusing. Some states don’t even allow you to have a gun on your person while in your vehicle. But others require it to be on you at all times. For example, Wisconsin state law requires a handgun to be encased (in a transportation case), and not stashed in a glove box. How does the Badger State feel about you leaving your gun in your car? According to Grieve Law, “It depends on how you leave it in your car, where in your car you leave it, and where you park your car.” Remembering all of these rules and regulations for each state is nearly impossible. That is why it is important to reference the USCCA’s Concealed Carry Reciprocity Map & Gun Laws by State. And best of all, it’s free to use.

A Solution?

We aren’t in the business of presenting a problem without providing you with a solution. If your home state requires you to store your weapon and ammunition out of reach and in a separate location, a gun safe if the best choice. Also, it is an ideal option when you stop at places where guns are not allowed, such as your kids’ school or possibly your workplace. You don’t want to simply leave your gun in the car unattended without it being safely secured. Most people don’t lock their glove boxes. And even if you do, it’s far better to secure it in a safe rather than behind a flimsy door that can easily be pried open.

If the state where you reside allows open carry of a loaded gun in a vehicle, you might want to consider a holster mount. This allows your gun to be position securely between your legs or fastened right under the car’s ignition. Alien Gear offers some good options.

Be sure to check your state’s laws to know which option works best for you.

There Are Better Options for Car Concealed Carry

While it may be legal in some states, concealing your firearm in a glove box comes with more risk than reward. Explore the other better options you have available depending on the laws in your state. Either carry your firearm on your body, mount it to the upholstery or strap it to the seat with a specially designed holster mount. The closer you have it to you and the more secure it is, the better. If you are legally required to keep it stored in a container, choose a reliable gun safe. As responsibly armed Americans, it is a duty to take the safety, tactical and legal factors all into consideration when transporting your concealed carry firearm.