Gear We Love — October 2017

{1} Alien Gear Shapeshift

MSRP: $99.88

This modular holster system from Alien Gear allows you to go from IWB to appendix to belt slide to paddle. Atop all of that, it also includes an attachment that allows you to move your holstered gun from its carry location on your immediate person to a mounting point affixed to a vehicle or desk, meaning you can handle your holstered firearm without removing the whole holster from your clothing and without the concerns often present with administrative handling. It is American-made and available at

{2} SIG V-Crown .44 Special

MSRP: $30/20

For many years, .44 Special was basically only available as a bare-lead, round-nosed cartridge. These 200-grain jacketed hollow-points from SIG’s V-Crown line combine the best that modern ammunition technology has to offer with a tried-and-tested defensive cartridge, the result of which is reliable fight-stopping power without the recoil of the Special’s bigger brother. Learn more about the entire V-Crown line at

{3} Comp-Tac Kydex-Reinforced Contour Belt

MSRP: $84.99

This Texas-made EDC and competition belt includes an integral Kydex strip running the length of the entire unit, which affords the wearer all of the benefits of a steel reinforcement strip without the discomfort that some experience. In short, it acts like a steel reinforcement strip but conforms to the wearer’s personal configuration rather than dictates it. It is available in black and brown at

{4} DoubleClick Belt Caddy

MSRP: $44.75

For fast, easy access to shotgun reloads, it’s hard to beat a Kydex belt carrier. This unit from DoubleClick is designed for competition use, but it’s just as handy in the woods or on an emergency belt. Six rounds secured at your fingertips, the Belt Caddy is available in three colors and three belt widths at

{5} Roo Pouch

MSRP: $44.95

“Innocuous” is the name of the game in concealed carry: Your gear needs to draw very little attention and you need to blend into your surroundings. The Roo Pouch, designed by a 30-year law enforcement veteran, allows you to carry a Glock-19-sized pistol and a reload without garnering any suspicious glances. Visit for a demo video and ordering information.

{6} CountyComm Mini EDC

MSRP: $6.95 for the EDC Screw Keys
$10.50 and up for the Pico Widgy Bars

When you’re compiling EDC components, versatility and reliability are the order of the day. These tools from CountyComm are available separately or in pre-assembled kits; from the Pico Widgy Bar to a pair of EDC Screw Keys to lighters and an emergency med container they refer to as their “Ultimate EDC Capsule,” these American-made tools are built to military spec and are ready to offer decades of reliable service. Visit for kit options or to assemble your own custom setup.

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