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Gear We Love — November/December 2017


{1} Altamont Silverblack Grips

MSRP: $38

Modern manufacturing revolutionized the handgun grips industry, and Altamont does a heck of a job in hardwood for under $40. These Silverblack Crocback/Stipple Classic Panels for Smith & Wesson K- or L-frame revolvers sit extremely comfortably in the hand, offer a positive grip without the clothes-snagging tackiness of rubber and are made in the USA. To see the extensive line of grips available for dozens of different patterns and models, head to

{2} Aker River Duty Belt

MSRP: $73.50

Ever wondered what you’re supposed to do with those gigantic belt loops on certain “tactical” pants? Why, get a giant belt to run through them, of course! Whether you’re looking for a wider-than-usual trouser belt or the foundation from which to build a carry rig, the River Duty Belt from Aker is an American-made belt designed for duty or private citizen use. Visit to see their entire line of on-duty, off-duty and concealed-carry-specific belts, holsters and gear.

{3} Vedder LightTuck IWB

MSRP: $54.99

Simplicity and utility are two of the most important factors in selecting a holster, and the LightTuck from Vedder is everything you need and nothing you don’t. It features adjustable ride height and retention, adjustable forward and reverse cant and a full sweat guard to keep your sidearm dry and clean. American-made and offering a surprisingly fast turnaround time, it is available for dozens of models in dozens of colors and patterns at

{4} MGL Burrito AR Pouch

MSRP: $36.95-$46.95

Versatility is always a bonus in your EDC, and the AR pouch from Mean Gene Leather is capable of handling polymer or traditional AR magazines with ease. Even better, it makes for a heck of a smartphone holster as well. See this and the entire line of belts, pouches and other goodies at

{5} Wright Regulator Crossdraw Holster

MSRP: $88

For riding or driving, a crossdraw holster is a tried-and-true American classic. Available in five gorgeous shades and for both revolvers and automatics, the Regulator accommodates up to a 1.75-inch belt and can be seen along with the rest of Wright’s American craftsmanship at

{6} Aguila .380

MSRP: $14/50

Aguila has long been known in the U.S. as a manufacturer of reliable, affordable target ammunition for rifles and shotguns, but their expanded market presence over the last decade or so has brought them more to the forefront of many shooters’ minds. Get the stats on these .380s and the rest of the line at

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