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Gear We Love — May/June 2017


1) Kel-Tec CL-43 Flashlight

This unconventional Floridian uses three 123A batteries to throw a 420-lumen beam at whatever you need a better look at. The unique design is also excellent for individuals with compromised hand strength; if you’re holding it as you would an old-fashioned flashlight, simply squeeze with your entire hand to engage the activator button. Visit for ordering information.

MSRP: $140

2) Factor Ghost 130

Smaller than a AA battery but kicking out 130 lumens, this tiny emergency EDC light rides comfortably on a keychain and is USB-rechargeable. It has two brightness settings that are accessed by twisting the head and is available at

MSRP: $37


The “Range Bag Tool” made in partnership with Crimson Trace allows you to drop one simple tool into your pocket or range bag in order to address some of the most common issues encountered out in the world. The RBT combines a short half-serrated blade, a hex wrench and multiple screwdriver heads into a small package that can very unobtrusively accompany you on your next trip to the range. Head to for details.

MSRP: $19.99

4) On Your 6 OWB Set

Custom Kydex doesn’t have to cost a fortune. On Your 6 offers high-quality inside- and outsidethe-waistband holsters as well as single and double magazine carriers at competitive prices for more than a dozen manufacturers. Find them at


5) Thyrm Cellvaults

Robust and waterproof, these versatile storage vaults allow you to carry three or six 123A batteries, two or four AA batteries, or any other number of important pieces of gear in your regular bag or affixed to a MOLLE system. They’re available in either a single- or double-column configuration and in six colors at

MSRP: $19.99 (SINGLE) OR $29.99 (DOUBLE)

6) CCW Breakaways Pants

CCW Breakaways Khakis combine comfort, deep concealment and fast-draw capabilities in a classic-looking pair of pants. Built-in holsters, disguised as pockets, conceal firearms of nearly any size and snap open for snag-free draws using just one hand to establish a full grip. Most violent encounters happen in close proximity, which means fast movement is crucial for self-defense. Designed to fit more loosely in both the front and rear rise than standard pants, CCW Breakaways Khakis give concealed carriers freedom of movement and quick access to their firearms. Visit for more info.

MSRP: $85.99

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