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Gear We Love — July 2017


{1} Adco Super Thumb

MSRP: $10.95

Regardless of age or strength, no one’s thumb is tougher than a 1,000-round pistol course. Just the right angles and high-quality construction make for an excellent addition to any range bag, and eight different models accommodate almost all semi-automatic pistols and even some rifles. Pick one up or take advantage of three-pack pricing at

{2} Mace Pepper Gun 2.0

MSRP: $69.99

Not only does this unit handle as easily and instinctively as a pistol, it also includes a strobe light off the front of the muzzle to accompany the stream of 10 percent OC spray that quickly incapacitates most attackers. The Pepper Gun 2.0 ships with a 28-gram pepper spray canister, a water-filled practice canister and batteries for the strobe. It’s available at

{3} TNQ Frangible Ammunition


Team Never Quit, a charity dedicated to veterans and their families, teamed up with Snake River Shooting Products to promote the TNQ mission through quality ammunition. These offerings range from target to hunting to defensive rounds, and the frangibles pictured here are excellent for indoor and steel-plate training as well as close-quarters indoor defense. Visit for ordering information and an introduction to the ammo lines by Marcus Luttrell.

{4} Precision Delta .38 Special Wadcutters

MSRP: $62.17/250

These bulk cartridges allow for lots of practice and easy scoring at exceptional savings. Precision Delta loads hollow-base wadcutter bullets into remanufactured cases, resulting in excellent target loads (or hyper-old-school defensive loads) at a very reasonable price. See Precision Delta’s new and remanufactured offerings at

{5} Stealth Operator Universal Pistol Holster

MSRP: $34.95

Whether you’re outfitting your family or looking for an extra holster to toss in your training bag, these American-made holsters from Stealth Operator accommodate up to 150 different handguns. They’re available in full-sized and compact at

{6} Maratac PTC

MSRP: $22.85

The “Pilot Tool Carrier” was originally designed for offshore pilots, but it’s just as welcome an addition to anyone’s shooting gear. At 12 by 6 by 7 inches, it’s large enough to carry any essential range gear, and its wrap-around straps make it strong enough to carry 500 rounds of ammunition with ease. A pair of interior pockets and another two exterior pockets secure your smaller items, and the zippers are water-resistant and self-sealing. They’re available in limited quantities at

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