Gear We Love — February/March 2018

{1} 2A EDC Tray

MSRP: $25-$40

This Kydex tray is a perfect landing pad for your keys, magazines, flashlights and everything else you ground before bedtime. Visit to select from a few dozen colors and designs or to upload a personal image for a personalized tray.

{2} Celtic Holsters Wee Deluxe Black & Tan

MSRP: $60

With a draw screw that allows you to set your desired level of retention, the Wee Deluxe Black & Tan is very comfortable in the traditional 4 o’clock position as well as appendix and even borderline small-of-the-back. Visit for this and other handmade selections from the line.

{3} Cold Steel Training 1911

MSRP: $31.99

This unit from Cold Steel is appropriately weighted for draw and movement drills, but it is also safe for scenario and crowded-room training. Available in the pictured 1911 and other models at

{4} Urban Carry Revo

MSRP: $71 and up

The modular nature of this new holster system from Urban Carry allows you to go from OWB to IWB to shoulder — all in security and comfort. Visit for a demo video and to assess your options.

{5} BarrelBuddy Bore-Cleaning Swabs

MSRP: $11.99/50

These two-stage polymer barrel cleaners are ideal for shooters who prefer to employ traditional cleaning rods but who are no longer interested in patches and brushes. When attached to the end of a cleaning rod jag, these swabs evenly apply solvents and lubricants, scrub deposits out of rifling and indicate levels of bore cleanliness. Head to for demo videos and ordering information.

{6} Wheeler F.A.T. Wrench

MSRP: $59.99

It’s important to tighten screws on scopes and other gun components no more than the manufacturer recommends, and this user-friendly torque wrench lets you do just that. It’s available at and retailers nationwide.

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