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Gear We Love — April 2017


1) Matt’s Bullets Webley MK I/.38 Super Police

Safe for use in solid-framed American-made revolvers chambered for the old (and less powerful) .38 S&W cartridge, these rounds are a faithful re-creation of the load for the old Webley and Enfield .38 revolvers, as well as the WWII-era S&W Victory model. The 200-grain projectiles leave the barrel at about 620 feet per second and are available at

MSRP: $39.99/50

2) Creedmoor Ammo

These 9mm +P cartridges from Creedmoor are loaded with 124-grain XTP projectiles and feature “shell shock” cases, which are 50 percent lighter than brass cases and will not foul or damage breech or ejector areas. They are also highly reloadable, as they’re very resistant to wear and damage, and they can be policed up with a magnet. They eject from the gun cool to the touch and are available at

MSRP: $29.50/50

3) N82 Tactical Pro Tandem

The new Pro Tandem combines N82’s twist-release retention system with a two-point IWB orientation on durable leather with soft suede backing. It is tuckable, adjustable for height and cant, available in left- and right-handed models and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Get yours at

MSRP: $72.95

4) Mean Gene Burrito & Hot Tamale

The “Burrito” from Mean Gene Leather is a flat, compact, open-top pouch ideal for carrying either single- or double-stack magazines, multi-tools or anything else you can fit inside. The “Hot Tamale” is a coin purse that, in a pinch, could double as an emergency impact weapon. Both ride very nicely on a belt and can be purchased at

MSRP: $32.95/$34.95

5) OTAC Gyr Primus Trauma Kit

This is just one of the kits available from OTAC and it is specifically crafted to extend life. The MOLLE-compatible three-pocket rip-away pouch contains trauma shears, a rapid application tourniquet, a vented chest seal twin-pack, latex-free gloves, a control wrap, large gauze pads, a Quikclot sponge and more. See the Primus and the rest of the line at

MSRP: $159

6) Falco Shoulder Bag

Perfect for travel or EDC, this over-the-shoulder bag is designed for discreet carry of a full-sized sidearm as well as wallets, keys, phones, water, flashlights, ammunition and anything else you might need on short notice. It is MOLLE-compatible and can be ordered in more than a dozen colors at

MSRP: $79.95

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