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First Look at the Springfield Hellcat


The defensive pistol market is pretty crowded, and companies need to have something special to rise above the noise. Springfield Armory is making noise in the small pistol game with its new Hellcat. This little 9mm could become one of the nation’s most popular defensive pistols thanks to things like magazine capacity, ergonomics and a set of great sights that even my aging eyes can pick up and align amazingly quickly. Instead of three-dot sights, the Hellcat uses a U-shaped rear sight with a bright outline. Align the ball of the front sight with the cup of the rear sight and you are on target.

Springfield Hellcat Specs

Caliber:                     9mm
Weight:                      17.9 (Flush mag)
                                 18.3 (Extended mag)
Height:                     4 inches (Flush mag)
                                     4.5 inches (Extended mag)
Barrel Length:         3 inches
Overall Length:       6 inches
Width:                        1 inch
MSRP:                        $599

The Springfield Hellcat has all the features you could want in a compact 9mm pistol. The Hellcat carries 11+1 with the flush fit magazine and 13+1 with the extended mag and ships with both. It offers a barrel length of 3 inches and an overall length of 6 inches. The little gun is only 1 inch wide and 4 inches tall; 4.5 inches with the extended magazine. It fits the hand nicely but is easy to conceal. And it weighs only 17 ounces with the flush-fit magazine. Best of all, you can take this gun apart without pulling the trigger.

Everything Old Is New Again

You might think this Hellcat looks a lot like another small 9mm on the market and you would be right. Gun companies know what they need to do in the marketplace. Sometimes it is better to be a little later to the game so you can provide the features that people really want.

We will get it out to the range soon, but the first look here puts this little gun firmly in the “must-see” category.


Springfield Armory:

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