While I’m not a huge fan of using a knife for personal defense, there is one time when I think it really is the best option. That is when you are defending yourself against something like a rear naked choke. And truly, using a small, fixed-blade knife as opposed to a tactical folding knife is the best way to go.

In the surveillance video shown here, you can see that the victim is rendered unconscious in just about five seconds as the attacker is choking her. At that point, she is at his mercy. A knife, rigged as shown in this video, allows you to quickly take defensive action against any attacker who is choking you from behind. You could also use this same knife and movements to stop a choke from the front or side. As long as you can get to the knife and get the knife to some part of the attacker’s body, you have a fighting chance.

By rigging the sheath with a piece of cord, the knife is quick to deploy and easy to resheath safely after the fight is over. One safety tip: Never hang a knife around your neck with a stout cord. If you are going to carry a neck knife, don’t carry it with a cord that can be used to choke you. The movement is simple. Grab the knife and apply the sharp edge to any part of your attacker that you can reach. Stab and cut until the attacker releases you. Then call the police.

It Will Be Bloody

Understand that fighting with a knife is a bloody, messy business. But when you are being choked, you must do anything you can to break the grip of your attacker. This is truly the definition of a life-or-death struggle. Get free and get away.

About Kevin Michalowski  

Executive Editor of Concealed Carry Magazine Kevin Michalowski is a USCCA and NRA Certified Trainer and is a graduate of the Force Science Institute Certification Course. He has participated in training as both an instructor and a student in multiple disciplines. Kevin is also a fully certified law enforcement officer working part time for a small agency in rural Wisconsin.