Are you paying attention to your pistol training? Does every shot count?

Having a gun on your hip is not enough. You need to train with that gun. Don’t just go out each week and shoot, plinking away at targets without really paying attention to what you are doing. Give every single round you fire a training value.

The best way to give each round a training value is to start shooting with a plan. What are you working on when you fire that shot? If you choose to shoot only one magazine or one box of ammo, mix things up. Let’s say you only have 50 rounds. Fire 10 with both hands, then 10 one-handed with each hand. Fire 10 more two-handed but using your weak hand. Close out with five double-taps if your range allows it.

The plan is completely up to you. Just remember to focus on the basics and do things correctly with each shot. Then, focus on the areas where you need to improve. Shoot with alternate hands. Shoot from various positions. Shoot quickly at close range. Focus on marksmanship skills.

Always Be Training…

Think about each shot. Notice where the shot goes and do something to correct the deficiency. Good shooting requires training and practice. Get good training and practice what they teach you.

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About Kevin Michalowski

Kevin Michalowski is executive editor of Concealed Carry Magazine and a fully certified law enforcement officer working part time in rural Wisconsin. He is a USCCA and NRA Certified Trainer. Kevin has attended training across the U.S. as both a student and an instructor in multiple disciplines. These specialties include pistol, rifle, shotgun, empty-hand defense and rapid response to the active shooter.