You asked for proof and here it is. In a recent episode of Into the Fray, I suggested that you should dry fire your gun. Some of you demanded more proof than just my word. I also said you can drop your slide on an empty chamber. Some of you balked at that, too.

So, I went to some of the smartest people I know in the gun industry to get the proof you demanded. And, in an industry where very few people make definitive statements, I was able to get a couple.

I admit, few of my experts commented on dropping the slide, but we did not get an unequivocal “NO.” What we got was “maybe” and “might.”

Of course the decision is yours, but I stand by my statement that dry fire does much more good than any minor harm it may cause. And dropping the slide might cause some issues, but again…the training you get will outweigh the dangers of potential damage.

(Dry) Fire for Effect

Dry-fire training will not hurt your pistol. It will help your training. Do it often.