If you love guns, you want to buy the gun you want when you want it. So you might turn to the web. Shopping on the internet is commonplace all over the world now. But can you purchase firearms online?

Yes, you can. And contrary to what anti-gun politicians are saying, buying a gun online is not anonymous. You will be doing all the same transfer paperwork and shipping paperwork, so there is no such thing as flying under the radar when shopping online.

Remember this: The gun never gets delivered right to your house. It goes to a federally licensed firearms dealer. Then you get to pick it up AFTER passing your background check and paying your transfer fee.

This Isn’t Home Delivery

The single most important thing you need to remember about buying a gun online is that you will need to contact a federally licensed firearms dealer and have that individual send a copy of his or her license to the seller of the gun. The gun will be shipped to that FFL dealer, so expect to pay some sort of transfer fee because you shopped online instead of at that FFL dealer’s shop.

The rest of the operation is pretty self-explanatory and, knock on wood, I have never had a bad experience buying a gun online. God bless the free market. Who would have thought that tons of competition would make online gun sellers work hard to make the experience seamless?

Know What Gun You Want

When shopping for guns online, you should know exactly what you want before you order it. You have no chance to hold it and look it over before it arrives. Some sellers will give you a couple of days if you want to return the gun, but you might get caught up in paying another transfer fee (depending on how well you know your local FFL dealer). As always, buyer beware, and don’t let anyone tell you online gun sales are anonymous and outside the purview of federal, state and local gun regulations. They are not.