Sometimes one CAN carry too much gear. In a past episode of Into the Fray, I showed you my emergency bag. It is pretty … um … extensive. Rifle. Multiple magazines. Breaching ax. You know … normal stuff guys have. Lest you think I am sitting here convinced we are on the verge of societal breakdown, you should know that my emergency bag is not my “get-home” bag; it is my active-shooter response kit. I have the bag in case I need to respond to an active-shooter situation with the police department.

Here is an actual “get-home” bag that should help you get from where you are back to your family in the event that you are separated during an emergency situation. Remember, the goal of having this bag is to help you navigate potentially dangerous situations, including unruly crowds or multiple attackers.

Stay Mobile and Think Ahead

The best plan is to stay with your car and keep driving away from danger. This does not mean driving through danger because your house is directly on the other side. It might be better and safer to go around a dangerous situation. Staying mobile will help you survive.

The materials in this “get-home” bag will give you an extra measure of defensive power if the situation escalates. Bear spray or a police-sized can of pepper spray will help you get away from an angry group if you deploy the spray and move immediately. More ammo will help you defend your life if you really need to. The last thing you want to do is run out of ammo in such a serious situation. First-aid materials are for you or those you love. When things go really badly, you might want to stop to rescue someone you don’t know. Don’t if doing so will put you in danger. Gear alone will not help you. Get training and have a plan.

Prepared Like a Boy Scout

It is not paranoid. It is prepared. Nobody called the Boy Scouts paranoid when they adopted the motto, “Be Prepared.” You never really know what could happen. An election year is coming. If 2020 is anything like 2016, you can bet there will be people in the streets. You need to have the means to escape them and avoid danger. Think about it.


About Kevin Michalowski

Kevin Michalowski is executive editor of Concealed Carry Magazine and a fully certified law enforcement officer working part time in rural Wisconsin. He is a USCCA and NRA Certified Trainer. Kevin has attended training across the U.S. as both a student and an instructor in multiple disciplines. These specialties include pistol, rifle, shotgun, empty-hand defense and rapid response to the active shooter.