“There’s a pretty good reason why they’re the fastest growing community of responsible gun owners in the country” – Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro is a household name to many responsibly armed Americans — and with good reason. The razor-tongued political commentator, show host, writer and lawyer is famous for fiercely defending the rights and liberties of Americans across the country. It’s no surprise, then, that Ben is also one of more than 285,000 proud USCCA members who help keep their loved ones, and America, safe every day. Click the video above to find out why Ben Shapiro joined the USCCA and why he thinks every responsibly armed American should too.

“A government deserving of your trust wouldn’t seek to disarm you in the first place”
– Ben Shapiro

Too often in today’s world, the protectors become the persecuted. Add to that the pressures and aggressions of anti-gun lobbies and initiatives, and you quickly find that carrying a gun can almost feel as dangerous as being caught without one. But that’s where the USCCA steps in!

Looking for Concealed Carry Insurance?

USCCA Membership protects you in ways that concealed carry insurance can’t. When you activate any level of USCCA Membership, you get the peace of mind that comes with instant access to industry-leading education and training.

“They actually care about your inalienable right to self defense. And they’re out there doing something to protect it.” – Ben Shapiro

Your membership will enable you to carry confidence with you everywhere you go. Our award-winning customer service, 24/7 Critical Response Team, up-front funding for criminal defense and bail bonds, exclusive industry discounts, and robust pro-2A community are just a few of the great benefits that more than 285,000 USCCA Members enjoy.

Plus, every USCCA Membership is RISK-FREE! If for any reason you decide you want a refund, you’re covered by our 365-Day, 100% Money-Back Bulletproof Guarantee … no questions asked.

Your peace of mind begins the moment you activate the education and training of your membership. Don’t wait … join Ben Shapiro and become a USCCA Member today!

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