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August 2020 Giveaway: A Dream (Range) Come True


Interested in training and enjoying VIP amenities at one of the best gun ranges in the country? Well, we’re offering you a chance to do that this month with our Dream Range Giveaway. Five winners will each have the opportunity to pick one of five amazing ranges. Each lucky individual will spend one full day at the range and three days and two nights in the city where it’s located. (Note: Each winner is also permitted to bring a guest.) The USCCA will provide each winner with a $2,250 stipend to cover travel, food, entertainment and lodging.

If you’re a winner, you’ll be able to choose from TNT Guns & Range (Murray, Utah), The Preserve Club & Residences (Richmond, Rhode Island), Defender Outdoors (Fort Worth, Texas), West Orlando Firearms Training (W.O.F.T.) (West Orlando, Florida) and Keystone Shooting Center (Mars, Pennsylvania). Once there, you can work with multiple weapon platforms and practice shooting fundamentals — improving accuracy, marksmanship, defensive shooting skills and more. Each range has its own unique features and specialties to meet your training needs. We’ll be highlighting what these are and why they’re the best in a forthcoming blog post. Stay tuned!

Revitalize Your Body, Mind and Spirit at the Range

While the main goal is training for self-defense, we also want you to take this opportunity to relax and recharge. Everybody needs a little break from the stresses of life, especially with everything going on in 2020. Regardless of the range, you will be treated like a VIP during your visit.

Each facility has some awesome amenities and extras not found at typical gun ranges. Below are just a few of them to give you an idea.

TNT Guns & Range has an on-site restaurant: .357 Burgers, a burger, fries and milkshake joint. The meat is ground every day from the highest-quality chuck. Everybody raves about its fries! It also has the nation’s first indoor clay pigeon range. Full-auto rentals are available.

Keystone Shooting Center is the largest firearms superstore in the Pittsburgh area. It has glass cases running along its walls displaying the firearms of your dreams. There are more than 500 new and used firearms and accessories to browse. It also has a member’s lounge, a simulator and tactical bays that include AWD target retrievers with strobe lights.

Defender Outdoors has a 6,000-square-foot retail store. It offers a special “try before you buy” option for its handguns. It also has a large members’ lounge (the winner who selects this range will have access to the lounge).

The Preserve Club & Residences is far more than just a gun range. The two-level, 15,000-square-foot Sporting Shoppe offers not only firearms for sale but also camping gear, golf gear, outerwear and even cigars. The Preserves’ 3,500 acres also caters to golfers, fishers and equestrians. It has an 18-hole on-site golf course, stocks and 10 fly fishing ponds and offers guided horseback tours. (Note: The USCCA is only including access to the shoppe, range and VIP club as part of the giveaway.)

How to Enter

Both USCCA Members and non-members are eligible to win this terrific experience. All you have to do is enter. You can do so through the No Purchase Necessary page. (Only one winner will be selected per range. The first to respond will get the first pick of the range.) It’s that simple. The hardest thing you will have to do is choose the range.

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