What Are the Basics to Prevent a Carjacking?

Step one will be to keep all doors and hatches locked at all times. Do not open them for anyone who isn’t uniformed law enforcement. I cannot stress this enough, and it will help prevent a great deal of carjackings.

If someone does approach your vehicle, the best tactic is to concentrate on safely driving away. Most carjackers count on the doors being unlocked. Even with someone trying to open your locked car door, you’ve almost always got time to make a safe right turn on red or otherwise get moving within the vehicles at the light. (This is also why it is important to leave enough room between you and the vehicle in front of you to maneuver — about a half a vehicle length should be enough.) If an armed person is approaching your vehicle, some rules go out the window. If you can do so safely, drive on the sidewalk, drive through business’ lawns and parking lots — whatever you need to do to escape the threat.

As for firearms, all of the normal rules apply when you are behind the wheel: You’re only reaching for that sidearm if you are facing an imminent, unavoidable threat of death or great bodily harm. If you are attacked outside of your vehicle and you are forced to shoot or even just draw to stop an unavoidable, imminent threat of death or great bodily harm, you’ll want to call 911 as soon as possible and then call the number on your USCCA Membership card to get the USCCA’s Critical Response Team involved in your defense. And hit up this piece on how to safely withdraw money from an ATM during crises. It covers a lot of what you’ll need to know if shooting does start.

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Jared Blohm
Managing Editor
Concealed Carry Magazine