It may not be long until all manner of lights and lasers are integrated into every firearm, but until then, we can pick from an abundance of excellent tactical lights. Some are so good that you will want to keep them separate from the guns and keep them in your hand (or at least in your pocket) all the time. One flashlight that I have been toting around in my pocket, in my bag and in my hand is the Malkoff light. It is small, tough, bright and simple — a true everyday, everywhere flashlight.

The Malkoff website refers to this light as the MDC HA SHO 1CR123 Flashlight. That’s a lot of letters and numbers, but they are all meaningful, and together, they comprise some of the qualities I love in this light.

“MDC” stands for “Malkoff daily carry.” This light is from the smallest of the Malkoff lights, and as you can see, it is a light that truly fits in the palm of your hand.  However, it is not too small. In fact, it strikes the right balance between eminently concealable and easily deployable. It is 3.75 inches long and is only 1 inch in diameter across the head of the light. It weighs just a few ounces. Put it in your shirt pocket or in your pants pocket; you will grab it and use it multiple times per day.

“HA” stands for “hard anodized.” This is a rugged, aluminum-bodied flashlight with a mostly smooth exterior. It is as tough as nails and can stand up to being dropped, and if mounted on a gun, it can withstand whatever recoil comes its way. Because of a few grooves and a super robust pocket clip that provide leverage and a good grip, you will not drop it but can easily push the tail-cap on/off button.

“SHO” stands for “single high output.” My favorite feature is easily the fact that I can push the tail light and get the same high-intensity beam of light every time. There is no need to cycle through low, high and strobe. It is just on and bright all the time. Output is 250 lumens, and this flashlight comes with warning about how it can cause eye damage at close range.

“1CR123” stands for “one CR123 battery.” This light takes a single lithium battery, not a rechargeable one because the voltage is simply too high. The single CR123 battery, however, will provide 45 to 60 minutes of runtime, which is very reasonable for the mission of this light: short bursts of very bright light.

The MDC HA SHO 1CR123 Flashlight retails for $113.99. It is made in the U.S.A., although some parts are not domestically sourced. Once you grasp all the meaning behind the letters and numbers that comprise its name, you will agree that it is an ideal everyday, everywhere light.


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