A Better Way to Back Up

Instead of trying to walk backward during a fight, a quick pivot will allow you to move forward as you put distance between you and the bad guy.

If you have participated in any sort of combative pistol training, you have likely trained to shoot on the move going both forward and backward. But backing up without looking is a recipe for falling down. There is a way to do it — reaching out with your foot and remembering not to shift your weight until you have good footing — but even with lots of practice, you have a greater chance of falling down than you would have if you were moving forward but away from the danger.

With a quick pivot, you can actually be moving forward while moving away from your attacker. At the same time, you can put your off hand out in front of you as you look backward to line up your front sight on the target.

Some of the debate surrounding this style of movement argues that extending your arm to fire will give your attacker the opportunity to grab your gun. This might be true at extreme close range, but firing the first shot from the retention position before you pivot and move will very likely give your attacker something to think about as you step away and bring your gun up on target. I would not want to be in front of someone making this move while shooting at me. Easy to Learn

Pivot, extend the arm and move away from the attacker and toward cover. Practice these skills until they become second nature.