Undoubtedly, one of the most important things gun owners can do is to be responsible about gun safety, especially around children. There are many methods for educating kids on gun safety fundamentals and also for getting them involved with safe shooting activities. But here is an overview of some of the important messages and little lessons we can share with upcoming generations:

  1. Don’t play with guns. Guns are not toys.
  2. If adults aren’t around, don’t touch firearms.
  3. Guns should be safely and securely stored, but sometimes they are not.
  4. When it comes to firearms, always wait for an adult to help you, teach you and guide you.
  5. Learn (and understand) the firearms safety rules.
  6. Follow the firearms safety rules. (No compromises!)
  7. Guns can be used for self-defense.
  8. Guns can be used to protect others.
  9. Guns can be used for hunting.
  10. Guns can be used for competitive shooting sports.
  11. Guns are not like what you see in movies or video games.
  12. Some people have caused accidents with guns or used them purposefully to hurt other people.
  13. Guns can be dangerous in dangerous hands.
  14. Mistakes with guns can have deadly consequences.
  15. Guns don’t need to be feared, but they do need to be respected.
  16. Firearms are very powerful, but they are under human control.
  17. Using a gun safely takes training and practice.
  18. Kids can learn how to use guns, but it’s different for everyone. There is no set age or time!
  19. Not everyone has firearms.
  20. Not everyone likes firearms.
  21. Firearms are part of our American heritage.
  22. The Second Amendment protects our natural, God-given right.
  23. Firearms are a normal thing.
  24. Firearms are for men and women alike.
  25. You must be safe and responsible with (and around) firearms at all times.

There’s no better thing you can do for your children than to arm them with knowledge, whether or not you choose to have firearms in your home. What would you add to your list of important messages and lessons about guns?