You have all of your gear ready to go. The important things you carry with you every day. How do you know all of this everyday carry (EDC) gear is right for you?

Put It All On!

Make sure you know how everything feels and where it all fits before you walk out the door. Make minor tweaks and improvements as needed. Wear it for a week to decide if it’s right for you. If after a week it still doesn’t feel right, you may need to make bigger adjustments. Maybe dump some of the less essential gear or change the location of your spare ammo.

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If it doesn’t feel comfortable, you likely won’t wear it every day. Then you won’t have what you need if you’re attacked. So your investment in all the gear and training won’t matter in the end. This is your emergency preparedness kit. Take time to get it right and don’t be afraid to change. You learn by doing!

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