Do you think anyone could win a real-life, El-Presidente-style showdown? If not, why do you think we do the drill? If you are training the El Prez thinking you might one day take on three armed attackers, you have watched too many movies.

Still, there is a reason for running many different types of drills. These drills help you build the skills you might need in a fight even if you are not going to do all of the things you attempt in the drill. A drill that requires you to do multiple things forces you to divide your attention just like you would have to divide your attention in a real fight.

I doubt that anyone will ever have to move in a figure eight around big, white barrels while engaging a bad guy, but you will have to move and shoot while paying attention to the world around you. We cannot tell you what will happen in a gunfight. Your gunfight will be unique. It will be different than any other gunfight from the past, present or future, but if you can train to keep your eyes on the front sight while seeing the target and the surrounding elements, you will have a greater chance of winning the fight. The same is true for the El Prez. If you can shoot, find a new target, shoot again, reload and do it all again, you should be able to shoot and reload in a fight.

Skills Like Building Blocks

We are not training to mimic a gunfight. We are training to build skills that might be used somewhere, sometime, when we need them.