What Happens if You Drop Your Gun Just One Time

Remember the FBI agent who did a flip, lost his sidearm and then shot someone as he picked up his pistol? There is so much bad about this incident that you would think it has already been talked to death. Of course, I can talk some more.

I ask you this question: What if the guy had been listening to music while driving his car, run a stop sign and caused a crash that resulted in a relatively minor leg injury to an innocent person? There would be no news story, no public ridicule and no millions of views on YouTube.

The point is this: Guns are viewed differently. The rules change when guns are involved, and you need to be extra careful. In the example I gave above, distracted driving causes more death and mayhem each year than firearms do, but one negligent discharge gets more airplay than any car crash.

Do not misinterpret this post as some sort of defense for this FBI agent. He blew it. He has no one to blame but himself. However, you should notice that the aftermath of this incident is far more devastating than an incident that did not have a gun and ended with a similar result.

Familiarity Breeds Contempt

No matter how comfortable you are carrying your gun every day, pay attention. Use extra care. Your actions are being watched and will be commented on, and if you slip for even a second, you will get raked over the coals.

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