I recently reviewed Versacarry’s Trooper holster. I liked the Trooper enough that I requested another Versacarry model: the Compound, an outside-the-waistband, optics-compatible holster. My 9mm Springfield Armory SA-35 will pair with the Compound. It’s one of the guns I use to provide security at my church.

The SA-35 has a 15+1 magazine capacity, and I recently had XS sights installed. Loaded with Federal’s 124-grain HST Personal Defense loads, it is powerful yet controllable. However, I needed a more comfortable outside-the-waistband (OWB) holster.

Versacarry Compound’s Unique Design

The Versacarry Compound holster has a unique hybrid design. A polymer spine on the front of the holster uses a carbon fiber pattern to enhance its appearance. This spine keeps the front of the holster open to make reholstering easier and protect a holstered firearm from damage. And there are decorative slots cut into the front and side of the buffalo hide.

What makes this design unique is the polymer spine of the Compound holster doesn’t come in direct contact with the holstered pistol at any point. Versacarry sewed the holster polymer between layers of water buffalo leather. It is important to keep the polymer shell off of a holstered gun to prevent its exterior finish from wearing. Polymer holsters, as well as Kydex, will cause visible wear over time. So while I would never carry my deep-blued Alchemy Classic Carry in a polymer or Kydex holster, I would carry it in a Versacarry Compound.

About the Compound Holster

Along with the no-contact polymer shield, the Compound holster features a tension screw located at the rear of the trigger guard to adjust for draw tension. Proper tension ensures the pistol will not pull out at inopportune times.

To protect the wearer’s side, the double-ply water buffalo hide holster has raised backing. This backing kept the SA-35’s manual safety from getting inadvertently pushed into the off position too. While the backing protects the wearer from the rear of the slide, it is not tall enough to completely protect against contact with the hammer spur from a “cocked-and-locked” pistol like the SA-35. However, I didn’t feel the hammer dig into my side during the time I carried the SA-35 in the Versacarry Compound.

The Compound is an optics-ready holster, which means it is cut to leave the rear of the slide uncovered to accommodate the optic. However, the SA-35 is not an optics-ready pistol. The cut for an optic did not interfere with the draw or pistol operation.

The holster’s rearward muzzle cant helps when drawing from a seated position. The belt loops are extended away from the holster body, providing a stable platform with no chance of twisting, sagging or moving on the belt. Versacarry designed the holster loops for 1.5-inch belts, and the loops are wide enough for the double-thickness Versacarry gun belts.

Carrying the SA-35 in the Versacarry Compound

The SA-35 is an all-steel pistol and weighs 31.5 ounces unloaded. A holster’s comfort is critical when carrying a pistol in this weight range. And the Compound is very comfortable. The holstered SA-35 was positioned at just the right height for a rapid draw — not too high and not too low. The Compound held the SA-35 in place firmly but not so much as to impede the draw. There was no need to adjust the tension screw. There should be little need for readjustment over time as well because the Compound’s spine will hold the holster’s shape. Unlike in cowhide leather holsters, the spine in the Versacarry holster will prevent stretching.

Whether sitting in the pews or in the car, the Compound was extremely comfortable as well as easily accessible. The ability to access a concealed pistol rapidly during a crisis situation in church is paramount.

Versacarry priced the Compound OWB holster at $79.99. It is available in black or the distressed brown I chose for testing. Versacarry holsters come with a limited lifetime warranty and a 30-day return policy. Plus, it’s made in the USA. I highly recommend the Versacarry holster line.
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Versacarry: versacarry.com