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The Ultimate Holster Clip


For $12, UltiClip, a simple 3.5-inch by 7/8-inch, .78-ounce metal clip, can transform just about any holster with standard steel clip into a holster that’ll hide better and hang on to just about anything. The single-point swivel holster from Cover 6 Gear you see here comes with a standard spring clip good for quick ons and offs for this very comfortable holster. But when equipped with an UltiClip — a procedure that required about 20 seconds to complete — the Cover 6 holster becomes significantly more awesome. Other holsters with a single-point attachment may also benefit from an UltiClip, but I haven’t tried any yet. I’m still enjoying the improvement of the Cover 6. Still, the UltiClip may be the ultimate holster clip. Here’s why.

UltiClip uses a simple design to allow the clip to snap down on whatever you’re attaching the holster to. Mostly you’ll attach it to the belt you’re wearing. If your pants are strong enough and your carry gun light enough, you might get away with snapping the clip down on just your waistband. No matter what you snap the clip down on, it’ll hang on with tenacity. On a belt, the clip will really grab hold and stay in place. And here’s where the genius of the single-point attachment becomes apparent: You can swivel the holster to whatever cant you want while the UltiClip remains squarely fastened to your belt. My preferred carry location with this holster is 1 o’clock or “appendix.” Carrying as such, I’ll actually have the gun in a backward cant, which puts the stocks of the gun carried resting on my belt. But the clip is perpendicular to my belt.

When it is time to remove the holster, I release the clip by pulling the front tab up. The tension spring gives way and the holster can instantly be removed. To put it back on, snap the clip down. There’s no fear of any significant wear: The clip is C-1075 spring steel heat-treated to RC 42-49. So it’ll probably outlast you.

The other good point about the UltiClip is that you can conceal it by clipping it to your waistband, hiding the outer clip tab behind your belt. And with a tuckable holster like the Cover 6, you’ll have hidden 100 percent of the holster instead of leaving out the part that normally fits over a belt (which is a dead giveaway that you’re carrying to anyone paying the least amount of attention).

Other goodness about UltiClip: 100% American made, military-grade black oxide finish and wax/oil-treated steel to enable smoother operation and prohibit rust. And it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

For the record, the gun carried in the Cover 6 Gear holster is a Walther PPS M2, a single-stack nine. Love the gun and loved the holster before the UltiClip. Love them even more after installing and using UltiClip — the ultimate holster clip.

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