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Top 15 Blogs for Women Shooters: Grateful to Be Mentioned Among the Best

There are incredible women in the firearms industry, and I always count myself very blessed to be able to meet them, brainstorm with them, train with them and support the Second Amendment with them. We work together in many different situations — from meetings, classes and competitions to interviews, presentations and videos. I am also encouraged by the growth of organizations that focus on women and offer products and information geared toward females and firearms. I consider myself very honored and excited to have been recently recognized in Ammunition Depot’s “Top 15 Blogs for Women Shooters” and to have been mentioned among some of the best of the best!

The Top 15 list includes several ladies, female-focused businesses and women’s organizations — including Gun Goddess, A Girl and A Gun, Style Me Tactical, Women’s Outdoor News, The Cornered Cat and The Well Armed Woman — that have been working diligently to blaze trails for females in our industry. As mentioned in Ammunition Depot’s announcement, “Whether you’re an all-around outdoorsy type girl, a concealed carry fashionista, a blossoming competitive shooter or just enjoy learning about guns from other women, there’s something tailored to everyone. We’ve scoured the internet and found the top 15 women shooter blogs to help women of all walks of life find the site that fits their personality best.”

When I started the Pacifiers & Peacemakers column on the USCCA blog in March of 2014, my intent was to share just about anything and everything from a woman’s perspective — and from my personal journey in firearms knowledge and training. That hasn’t changed. I mean, I have changed. I’ve grown. I’ve learned. I’ve failed. I’ve fallen, and I’ve gotten back up again. But all in all, the paragraph I penned more than four years ago still rings very true: “I’m not a firearms expert. I’m not a handgun-shooting phenomenon either. I’d grade my zombie-annihilation skills as ‘average to good.’ But I am a mom who cares … and a mom who carries.”

I am also a mom who has dedicated herself to helping other women on their personal journeys in firearms knowledge and training. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share the trials and errors (and the triumphs and victories) with other women who want to learn more about safety, self-defense, situational awareness, firearms, competition, shooting fundamentals, defensive tactics, holsters, gear … well, you get the picture!

I am very grateful for the USCCA’s dedication to our membership and our community as well as to the females in the firearms world. With our Self-Defense SHIELD, Concealed Carry Magazine, website, curriculum and events, our team has worked hard to provide the best education and training for responsible gun owners. It’s an honor to be recognized in the Top 15 Blogs for Women Shooters.

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