It doesn’t take much to make your auto-loading pistol malfunction. In a close-quarters fight, if the bad guy gets even one hand on your gun, he can push it off target and cause a malfunction by keeping the slide from reciprocating, thus failing to allow a fresh cartridge to be carried to the chamber.

We made this video to show you just how easy it is to cause such a malfunction and how little it takes to push a gun off target in a close-quarters fight. If someone gets a hand on your gun during a fight, you are going to have to fight to maintain control of that pistol, keep it on target and, when possible, perform an immediate action drill to get a live round into the chamber. Don’t hesitate to get both hands on your gun in the battle to keep control; just make sure no part of your body is in front of the muzzle. That part of the gun is reserved for the bad guy.

In a struggle for the gun, you might only get one shot off before the gun malfunctions. That shot must be on target. By holding the grip of the gun with one hand and the slide with the other, you have much more leverage in a fight for the gun, but then you get only one shot before you have to manually rack the slide. This type of action takes training and practice to master.

Muzzle Management at All Times

Never point a gun at something you don’t want to destroy. That also means you must not let any part of your body get in front of the muzzle during a struggle for control of the gun. If you are grabbing the slide of your own gun to help you maintain control, you must ensure that no part of your body gets in front of the muzzle.