The Drill:

George Harris, co-founder of SIG Academy, showed me this quick five-minute drill, and it can help you develop your accuracy and marksmanship. It’s also an excellent opportunity to practice drawing from your holster.

The Setup:

You will need:

  • Your defensive firearm, cleared and confirmed for safety
  • Holster
  • A wall
  • A training partner could be handy to watch your shots for improvement

The Skills:

“The Wall Drill” will isolate muscle management and trigger-finger discipline. The goal is to maintain focus on the front sight through shot delivery rather than looking at the target downrange after pressing the trigger.

The Details:

Stand facing a wall at about arm’s length, leaving an inch or less between your cleared firearm and the wall. Focus on the front sight as you press the trigger. You will probably notice a “bounce,” either up and down or left to right. This demonstrates deficiencies in your shot process. Instead, get the slack out of your trigger and concentrate on focusing through the front sight. You should see your shot improve.

Safety Considerations:

Remember always to follow the four universal safety rules. Also, double-check that your firearm is cleared, store your ammunition in a separate room, and make sure there is nothing beyond your backstop (and that your backstop will not allow a bullet to pass through).

Closing Thoughts:

This is a great, easy drill that doesn’t require a lot of room or materials. Vary your training. Keep it fun. Keep it safe. And keep practicing.