There is no “good” gunfight. Any gunfight is dangerous, traumatic and will likely leave unseen scars that people will have to deal with long after the bullets stop flying. But the gunfight shown in this video clip provides amazing training value.

This is the statistically perfect gunfight. FBI stats say the average gunfight includes three rounds fired over three seconds from a distance of 3 yards. The police officer in this video has great situational awareness. He is also ready with a close-quarters counter attack, during which he fires multiple rounds to stop the attacker. He then immediately moves to cover and performs a scan of the area to identify other potential attackers.

If your “training” focuses on slow, methodical fire at 25 yards, you are simply plinking. You are not training for a real gunfight. This officer needed to redirect the attacker’s pistol, step offline, draw his pistol, fire for effect, move to cover and scan the area. This sequence does not come without repeated training. You can train like this with lasers, airsoft pistols or simulated ammunition. You must train like this if you want to give yourself the best chance to win a gunfight.

Caliber Didn’t Matter

Nobody in this video stopped to discuss or debate caliber. The caliber of either pistol was not important to the outcome of the gunfight. The differences in commonly used defensive calibers are measured in 100ths of an inch. It is more important that you quickly put multiple rounds on target.

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