The Eyes Have It

The first time I fired a handgun without eye protection was the last time I fired a handgun without eye protection. I remember it well. I had ear protection in place. The gun was an autoloading something or other. I squeezed the trigger, the gun fired, and immediately, my eyes and forehead felt a few hot pricks as the gases from the spent cartridge were thrown backward. My eyelashes did their job, telling my brain to send a command to close my eyelids. I kept my eyes shut, thumbed the safety on while keeping the gun pointed downrange, and set the gun down on the rest in front of me. Then, I slowly opened my eyes, blinked a few times and turned around to see my buddy smiling and holding my safety glasses out to me, as if to say, “Looking for these?”

It was an easy lesson with a happy ending, thankfully, and it was a lesson not soon forgotten. From then on, I’ve been a stickler for making sure everyone in my squad, including me, has eye protection on while shooting. I look at each person and say, “Eyes,” as I note their eye protection in place. Then, I touch my safety glasses and say, “Eyes,” just to make sure the eyes have it.

One make and model of safety glasses I wear a lot is the Tifosi Talos Tactical glasses which you see here. Retailing for $69.95, these safety glasses ship with three interchangeable lenses: clear, high-contrast red and smoke. Use clear for low-light conditions, contrast red when it’s cloudy or foggy and smoke when it’s bright out. While the lenses change out easily, they stay firmly in place when installed, protecting eyes from whatever gets thrown your way. Whatever lenses are not in use are stored in an individual sleeve which fits nicely in the Tifosi hard case with a microfiber cleaning cloth.

The nosepiece and earpieces can be adjusted to suit your head and face to allow for a secure, snug fit. The parts that touch your nose and ears are made from a rubber that holds on no matter what. Safety-rated for ANSI Z87.1, the Tifosis offer a clear view both directly in front of your eye and in your periphery. So not only can you see well with them, but the frame style ensures you look good in them as well. So as far as the Tifosis go, the eyes have it.