Appendix carry seems to be popular these days (at least that’s what I gather from the plethora of appendix carry rigs on the market). Some sit right in front of your belly and come complete with a “sidecar” magazine holster at 11 o’clock. These are great rigs, to be sure, but I am partial to a simple holster with a simple mission: carrying a lightweight gun comfortably.

The Delta IWB by Eclipse Holsters is an ideal setup for carrying a J-frame revolver in the appendix position, and the ideal revolver for this holster is the Smith & Wesson Model 360. With five rounds of .357 Magnum in this gun in this straight-drop rig, you’ve got just the ticket for superior summer carry.

The Model 360’s 14.9 ounces of nothingness is a great match for the Delta IWB. The revolver clicks into the holster with ease and draws out with a firm upward tug. The stocks rest strong-side on my belt.

Regardless of gun, the plastic wing on the Delta IWB increases concealability in two ways: by pushing the gun belt out and the stocks in. Pushing the gun belt out increases the space around the gun and between the gun belt and the stomach. This creates some negative space under a cover garment and decreases the chance that the gun will print, even if the gun belt is out just a bit more than normal. Likewise, drawing the stocks of the gun in decreases the chance of the stocks printing. You can carry this holster in almost any IWB location, but these features are maximized when carrying it appendix.

The Delta IWB’s plastic construction is nothing short of robust. It is large enough to engulf the right amount of the gun, allowing no portion of the gun (except the stocks) to contact your skin. So, if your summer carry occurs in high temperatures or high humidity, your summer carry gun will be protected from your sweat.

Eclipse Holsters offers other holster styles and lots of color and pattern options — from basic to carbon fiber, camo, patterns and specialty prints. The holster you see here is done in Hexcam Spectre 3D, which costs an additional $5 on top of a retail price of $74.95. Currently, it carries the S&W 360 on my person at 1 o’clock. It is equally comfortable whether I am standing or sitting and makes for a superior summer carry.