I tested the lever-action Henry X-Model .410 shotgun in June of this year and was duly impressed. So impressed that I wanted to bring it to its full potential for defense and utility. Since the X-Models are equipped with a combination Picatinny rail and M-Lok accessory forend, I decided the best way to increase its potential would be to install a rail-mounted tactical light/laser sight designed for long guns. For this, I turned to Streamlight.

Streamlight TLR RM2 Laser R

I have been using Streamlight’s TLR 1 and 2 Tactical lights on my duty pistols for a number of years. The TLR 2 features a red or green laser sight in addition to the light. While these lights will work on long guns, they are primarily designed for pistol use.

Steamlight suggested the new TLR RM2 Laser R tactical light/laser combo for the Henry X-Model .410. It is designed for mounting on rifle or shotgun rails rather than pistols.

Streamlight Laser R Critical Features

The RM2 features a trim, low-profile design at just 4.6 inches long. Its custom optic produces a narrow 640 to 660 nanometer red laser beam. And the 1,000-lumen, 200-meter light beam also has a strobe function. Streamlight powers the RM2 with two included CR123 lithium batteries. Change the batteries easily by unscrewing the light head.

The body is constructed of anodized, machined aircraft aluminum and is IPX-4 water-resistant. There is a low-profile, easy-access mode selector toggle switch. This allows the TLR RM2 to go between light only, laser only or light and laser modes. And the ergonomic integral push-button switch has an optional remote pressure switch. Laser sight adjustments are clearly marked and located together on the left side. There are multiple mounting options.

One of the most unique and well-thought-out features of the TLR RM2 is the “safe off” feature. It prevents accidental activation and saves batteries. Activate it by unscrewing the light head the short distance marked on the light, which disconnects the power and prevents accidental activation of the light. This is particularly important when using the pressure pad switching.

RM2 Mounting and Operation

The TLR RM2 was easy to mount. I did not need any of the other included adapters to make it fit the short, molded-in Henry X-Model Picatinny rail.

Once mounted, I could reach the RM2’s rear pressure switch but not comfortably due to shoulder injuries. Most will be able to reach and operate the rear-mounted pressure switch easily enough. However, I needed to add the remote switch to decrease the reach distance needed for activation. To switch to the remote pressure switch, pull out a rubber plug at the rear and insert the cable jack. Because I didn’t have any additional forend railing available to utilize the included cord retaining clips, I wrapped the extra cable around the front end of the mount. This kept it from dangling but reduced my reach distance.

The method of switch operation is intuitive. Press and hold either switch for momentary use. Releasing the pressure turns the light off. Press and immediately release the switch for constant-on. I found it easy to shift between the modes during room clearing practice. While the strobe function can be made available (following instructions), I left it disabled for use on the Henry.

Practical Use of the Streamlight TLR RM2

The addition of the Streamlight TLR RM2 Laser R to the Henry X-Model makes it an ideal outdoor utility gun or home-defense piece. Now I have the perfect utility gun … for day or night. I found the Streamlight TLR RM2 Laser R available online for $218. The TLR RM2 is also available without the laser sight for $125. The Henry X-Model .410 is available for $879.99.


Streamlight: www.streamlight.com
Henry USA: www.henryusa.com

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