During hot summer months, carrying a concealed handgun goes best when carrying is simple — and by simple, I mean easy-on, easy-off and zero fuss. In fact, I’d gladly pay a bit extra for a safe and secure holster with those attributes. But here’s the great part: Blade-Tech’s Klipt holster does simple summer carry for $24.99.

Two guns in my summer carry stable include a Ruger LC9s and a Smith & Wesson 638. Besides being reliable and accurate, they’re also lightweight and relatively small. As such, they’re good choices for summer carry when the outfit of the day is shorts and a T-shirt. Yes, I know, with the right holster you can conceal a Government-sized 1911 in the same outfit. Have at it! I am simply more apt to carry something smaller and lighter.

By easy-on, easy-off, I mean the process of actually putting the holster on my person. Guns carried in the Klipt go inside my waistband, usually at 1 o’clock or near my appendix, and the holster clips to my belt. Done. Installed. Ready. I have no problem with belt slides or tuckable IWBs. They have their strengths when it comes to super-secure or deep carry. But they simply (or, not-so-simply) take longer for the install. And in summer, when there’s a lot of running here and there in just shorts and a T-shirt, I don’t want to bother. To be clear: I would bother if I had to. But with the Klipt, I don’t.

Another easy aspect: Carrying a gun in the Klipt is easy-in, easy-out. Insert gun and click, it’s in. To remove, just pull up and it’s out. If you want more retention, this holster is not for you. But if you want ease of use, it’s hard to beat.

By zero fuss, I mean the fact that there’s nothing to do with the holster but insert your gun and put on your person. There’s no break-in period. There’s no tension screws to adjust. There’s no adjustment of ride height or cant. There’s no retention (except the built-in friction retention that grabs the trigger guard of your gun). You click your gun in the holster and you click your holster on your belt. And that’s it. When it’s time to remove the holster, pull the holster belt tab away from your belt and pull up. It’s off.

Another zero-fuss note: Because it’s made of plastic, I have no worries of it weakening or failing due to sweat or moisture from daily carry. And my guns stay protected inside, unaffected by the elements. Related: A gun holstered in the Klipt can ride just about anywhere — from 1 o’clock (appendix) all the way around to 11 o’clock (for me, cross-draw).

And that’s probably why the Klipt retails for $24.99. There’s nothing to it. Better: It’s a simple design that does the most basic tasks of holstering very well, and nothing else. It’s a great holster all year round but it really shines in simple, summer carry.