The media has told us for decades that women and guns don’t mix. And they’ll tell you that when women use guns, they are actually just putting themselves and others around them in danger. But telling a woman NOT to learn how to use a firearm is far more detrimental than it is beneficial. After all, women are typically the more targeted members of our population. And since waiting for help, defenseless and vulnerable, is not an option, there is no better way to secure one’s personal safety than by owning a gun…and by knowing how to use it safely and proficiently.

Think about it. What if it were your daughter whose life was being threatened? Or your sister? Or your mother? Women of all ages can be in danger from many kinds of attacks. But the female who has a gun and who knows how to use it has a much better chance of escaping or evading a violent encounter.

In fact, here is what really happens when women learn how to use guns:

  • They feel empowered. We’ve all been taught that knowledge is power, and the same goes for the understanding of firearms. That initial fear and inferiority that comes with unfamiliarity and inexperience will be fast replaced with a newfound confidence and control.
  • They are able to protect themselves and their families. That’s right, gun grabbers! Instead of relying on or waiting for others to do it for them, women can take action—or take aim—for themselves and make a difference in their lives and in the lives of their children.
  • They sleep better. Women who learn how to defend themselves have more peace of mind. They will also ease the minds of those who care about them but who can’t protect them or keep an eye on them 24/7.
  • They may get good at shooting. Women often surprise themselves by how well they shoot and by how much they enjoy it. So don’t be surprised if they get excited to train… and train often! As well, they may change up their typical girls’-night-out routine to a girls’ night in—at the range!
  • They purchase and carry their own guns. Firearms are not a guys’ thing. They’re an American thing. And women will be just as interested in selecting their own handguns, holsters, and accessories so they can train with and carry their firearms.
  • They encourage other women to shoot. Women are experts at getting other women involved in activities they can all do together, and what better past time to share than her right to bear arms? It’s not unusual for a well-armed woman to suddenly have a well-armed mom, a well-armed sister, and a crew of well-armed friends. The enthusiasm is contagious, and she won’t be able to hide her passion for self-defense and personal protection.
  • They exercise a constitutional right. The Second Amendment states that, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” And men and women alike should be proud and honored to support, exercise, and defend that right!
  • They make a difference. According to the NSSF, “A swell in the ranks of women gun owners has enormous implications for the industry both economically and politically. Clearly, women can sway public policy, and their needs, wants, and desires for additional firearms, equipment, and services will significantly impact the industry’s future as a whole.”     Women can also impact our country. And those who know how to use guns and who understand how important personal protection is will stand up for their rights, will vote likeminded individuals into office, and will demand to be heard and supported. These women will also be positive voices and role models within in their homes, their families, and their communities.