Every once in a while, you get to see new additions to an already good holster design. (In this case, the company has a really cool name too.) So excuse me while I channel my inner Uncle Excelsior (Google it if you don’t get it) for this quick review of the new inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster from Raw Dog.

Where most hybrid IWB holsters offer limited adjustments, Raw Dog is letting you adjust for cant and retention pressure. The company makes a really good IWB holster with a solid leather backing and a good-looking Kydex shell. But the ability to fine-tune this holster to make it perfect for you is what makes it stand out. Clint Smith says carrying a gun should be comforting, not comfortable. Well, there are plenty of holster makers out there trying to do both, and Raw Dog is adding just a bit more to make life better for everyday carry.

Safety First!

Remember, keep your finger off the trigger until you have made the decision to shoot. Safety first, my friends. Do not allow the wretchedness of an undisciplined trigger finger cause a negligent discharge. Oh, and don’t call me out for being sexist when I said a man is choosing a holster. Women need good holsters and good trigger-finger discipline as well.


Raw Dog Tactical: RawDogTactical.com

About Kevin Michalowski

Kevin Michalowski is executive editor of Concealed Carry Magazine and a fully certified law enforcement officer working part time in rural Wisconsin. He is a USCCA- and NRA-Certified Trainer. Kevin has participated in training across the U.S. as both a student and an instructor in multiple disciplines. These specialties include pistol, rifle, shotgun, empty-hand defense and rapid response to the active shooter. Kevin is passionate about the concealed carry lifestyle, studying the legal, ethical and moral aspects of the use of force in self-defense. He is a graduate of the Force Science Institute Certification Course and has worked as a professional witness and consultant on matters concerning the judicious use of deadly force and deadly force decision-making.