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The Proper Use of a Shoulder Holster

They’ve been around for a while. Don Johnson made them famous again in the 1980s. Shoulder holsters offer real benefits for people who do a lot of sitting and driving, but you need to know how to wear one and how to safely draw from one to get the most out of this versatile rig.

First, make sure the shoulder holster rides high up near the armpit. Too many people wear the shoulder holster too low. A high holster is more comfortable, easier to control and makes for a better draw platform.

When you draw, make sure you get your opposite hand and arm out of the way. Move your off-hand to the back of your head and raise your elbow. This will ensure you don’t point your pistol at your off-side arm as you draw. Trigger-finger discipline, as always, is a must! A shoulder holster requires a cover garment but is a great option for those who don’t want to deal with a pistol at the waistband or ankle.

The Cover Garment Stays On

You will need a jacket or vest as a cover garment when carrying with a shoulder holster. This means that your cover garment will have to stay on until you get someplace where you are not worried about someone spotting your gun. Just something to think about.

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