It seems that misunderstandings, deliberations and debates about the meaning — and the scope— of the Second Amendment often focus on whether it protects the keeping and bearing of arms for: (a) the maintenance of a militia, (b) the prevention of tyranny (foreign or domestic) or (c) the prolongation of self-defense … or, of course, a conglomeration of those three things. And these differing ideas may help explain why some folks claim to support firearms when they don’t really support the Second Amendment. In fact, there are many people who blatantly disagree with some (or all) of those 27 words, arguing that guns should be designated only for certain activities or for certain people.

Guns Are for Certain Activities

I’ve heard many politicians take this route in which the Second Amendment is mentioned and the legislator interrupts with a hearty, “Oh, I have guns! I love guns,” or “I love to hunt!” It’s the typical political posturing, in which politicians sidestep the Constitution to tout their own experiences, enjoyment and prowess with regard to hunting and shooting sports.

Mitt Romney, for example, claimed to have been a “hunter pretty much all [his] life,” though he had only really been hunting twice (once as a child and once prior to his campaign). And Barack Obama claimed to go skeet-shooting “all the time” at Camp David. But don’t fall for the petty distractions. It’s just another strategy for those who don’t truly support our 2A right. I personally spoke with Doug Jones, a former senator from Alabama, who spent 10 minutes bragging about some of his fancy hunting guns and then jumped down my throat as soon as I mentioned national reciprocity.

While some people desperately want to look like our allies, we know the Second Amendment isn’t about hunting or shooting sports. At least not directly. Though one could argue that those activities are protected, that’s not the point. The point is protection and preservation of our life and liberties! And the Supreme Court’s decision in District of Columbia v. Heller affirmed the existence of an individual right to keep and bear arms.

Guns Are for Certain People

Whether classified by a specific occupation, a socioeconomic status or even the color of your skin, there are also some people and organizations who believe firearms are not intended for every law-abiding citizen in America. In other words, it’s the right of the people to keep and bear arms … just not THOSE people.

For example, many social elites, politicians and members of the media have made statements that only military and law enforcement should be allowed to have guns. Apparently, “everyday” folks are not to be trusted … even when they stop crimes or save lives. In response to Jack Wilson stopping an active shooter in his Texas church, Michael Bloomberg stated, “it’s the job of law enforcement to have guns and to decide when to shoot. You just do not want the average citizen carrying a gun in a crowded place.”

As well, some people believe guns are only for the elite, and unless you are “important” or well-known, you don’t need (or deserve?) a firearm for protection. This is why actors (from both Hollywood and Washington D.C.) keep telling the world that guns are bad, dangerous and unnecessary … while they are being protected by people with guns. So, regular law-abiding citizens are left defenseless while elites hire armed private security details (sometimes on the taxpayers’ dollar).

If that’s not bad enough, there have also been certain groups of people that have been deemed “unworthy” of firearms ownership and use. From our not-so-distance past, African Americans were the targets of gun control measures that festered in many Southern states in an attempt to keep freed slaves from owning guns. Too, different racial and ethnic minorities (as well as immigrants) have been singled out over the years. And still today, folks from lower socioeconomic backgrounds face discrimination in many gun-control measures that place a disproportionate burden on the poorest and often most vulnerable people in our society.

The Second Amendment Is for All

Be wary of those who say they are pro-gun but are not truly pro-2A. They might support firearms, but they don’t support the rights of the people.