We all have limited time and money to spend on the range. That makes it critical that every round have a training value. If you have just one box of 50 rounds to fire each week at the range, here are some tips to help improve your skill at arms. (We are starting with basic marksmanship skills.)

Training Tips

Break up your practice/training time into 10-round increments. Start with firing 10 rounds with a standard two-handed grip. Focus on the sight picture and trigger press. This is pure marksmanship. Shoot for a very small group. Now do the same with your non-dominant hand. And do the same with your strong hand only. Shift the gun to your non-dominant hand and shoot 10 rounds with that hand only. Now you are at 40 rounds. If your range allows it, fire 10 rounds as double-taps. That is two shots with one sight picture. That gives you training value for each round using basic skills. Focus on the mechanics of good shooting first. Then try different skills.