I know that the month of January is typically a great time to look to the future … to look forward. With a new year and a fresh start, it makes perfect sense to see fresh dates (and fresh possibilities) on the calendar ahead. But oftentimes, I have a tendency to look back and reminisce at this time of year, as well. As our three children are growing older, hitting various milestones and making their way through various stages of life, it’s sometimes very rewarding, entertaining and even relieving to look back at some of the experiences we have had together over the years.

Beyond all the memorable vacations, homecooked meals, piano recitals, basketball games, band concerts, random injuries, class parties and love interests, one interesting aspect that comes to mind for our household, specifically, is how parenthood has been intricately intertwined with the world of firearms. With both my husband and me deeply immersed in the firearms industry, sometimes even the most mundane or innocuous parts of our everyday life have made us stop to ponder or chuckle because of the variety of meanings.

Where Kids & Firearms Collide

While I realize this post is kind of random (and definitely silly), I find it very interesting to note what can happen when the world of parenthood and the world of firearms collide. Certain terminology can have double (or triple) meanings. And sometimes words and phrases tend to get a bit skewed or misconstrued in our family! Honestly, that just makes it even more important for us to listen … and listen carefully. Don’t make any assumptions. And don’t jump to conclusions. Because what you think is being said … might not at all be the case!

Here are just a few phrases that come to mind that may seem, at first, to be obviously firearms-related gun speak. But, as you can see, they can quickly take on a whole different meaning for the responsibly armed parent!

You need to unload…        your pent-up, hormone-driven feelings! Teenage angst is not welcome here.
Do you carry wet wipes? Absolutely. They work great to clean up crayon marks on the inside of the car door. (Ask me how I know.)
Are you training on the potty? No, thankfully. We said goodbye to potty training years ago with our last child.
I need to reload  the diaper bag. We’re totally out of juice and snacks. Again.
Beware of the hair trigger on that child. She’s wound up, overstimulated, and she missed her nap this afternoon.
Give it your best shot kiddo; always do your best and give 100% effort!
Work on your aim son. The entire toilet and most of the floor in this bathroom need to be sanitized. Again.
We’re shooting for next Thursday for a play date with the kids.
Pull the slide back so the kids don’t roll down the hill. It’s way too close to the edge. We’re not trying to raise any daredevils or circus stars here.
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What phrases would you add to this list?