As a responsibly armed American, you already know how challenging it can be to stay up to date on constantly changing gun laws…

Louisiana gun owners, you’re in luck. We’ve gathered some of the most frequently asked firearms questions in your state. Read on for answers to some of the top questions regarding Louisiana gun laws. (Not from Louisiana? Check the Legal & Second Amendment tab for your state.)

Can You Carry a Concealed Weapon in Louisiana?

The state of Louisiana does not prohibit the open carryOpen Carry means to carry a firearm in public in circumstances where the firearm is fully or partially (e.g, holstered) visible to others. of firearms in public, however, there may be local restrictions. Therefore, it is legal in Louisiana without a permit for anyone at least 18 years old that is not prohibited from carrying a firearm. Concealed carry is legal with a Louisiana Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP) or a permit/license from a state Louisiana recognizes. CHPs are available for residents only; non-resident permits are not available. An applicant must be at least 21 years old, a resident of Louisiana and complete a firearms training course. There are exemptions for non-residents who are in the military and have a Louisiana driver’s license or Louisiana state ID.

Is It Legal to Open Carry in Louisiana?

Yes, open carry is legal in Louisiana without a permit for any adult who is not prohibited from carrying a firearm. Although Louisiana state law indicates 17 as the minimum age, federal law dictates the minimum age as 18 years old. Some areas are off-limits, including parades and bars.

Can You Carry a Loaded Gun in Your Car in Louisiana?

Yes. Per the Louisiana State Police (LSP) Concealed Handguns Frequently Asked Questions, under most circumstances, carrying a handgun in a motor vehicle is legal in Louisiana. There are no state laws prohibiting vehicle carry.

Can You Carry a Gun in a Bar in Louisiana?

No. Any establishment that sells alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises is off-limits for concealed carry permit holders. For restaurants with bars, the bar areas are off-limits. In addition, some establishments may post signs stating that firearms are not allowed. Concealed carry is not allowed while under the influence of alcohol (BAC of 0.05 or greater) or a controlled dangerous substance (when a blood test or urine test shows any confirmed presence of a controlled dangerous substance as defined in L.R.S. 40:961 and 40:964).

As a responsibly armed American, regardless of the laws in your state, it is unwise to carry while under the influence of any substance that could impair your judgement, slow your reaction times, or impact your decision-making abilities. Any decision you make while carrying a firearm could have life-altering consequences.

 You Carry a Gun in a Casino in Louisiana?

No. ​No weapons, as defined in the Louisiana Criminal Code, are permitted in the designated gaming areas of casinos. This excludes guns in the possession of full-time commissioned law enforcement officers who are on duty and within their respective jurisdictions as well as on-duty gaming security personnel who are licensed by the Louisiana State Board of Private Security Examiners.

Is Louisiana a ‘Stand Your Ground’ State?

Yes. Louisiana is a Castle DoctrineCastle Doctrine is the concept that an individual has a right to be safe and secure within his or her own home or “castle” and should not have to retreat from his or her home to be safe. state with a “Stand Your GroundSo-called “stand-your-ground” laws allow armed individuals who believe they are in imminent danger to use deadly force under certain circumstances, without first attempting to retreat from the danger.” statute. In Louisiana, deadly force is legal when preventing a forcible crime against you or a forcible crime or trespass against your property only if the force or violence used is reasonable and apparently necessary to prevent the crime. The law applies if you are lawfully inside a dwelling, a place of business or a motor vehicle when the conflict begins. The force must also be against a person who is attempting to make an unlawful entry or who has made an unlawful entry. And you must reasonably believe that the force or violence is necessary to prevent the entry or to compel the intruder to leave. There is no duty to retreat before using force or violence.

Are Tasers Legal in Louisiana?

Yes. Stun guns and Tasers are legal to purchase and possess without a permit in Louisiana.

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