A Little Bit About Holsters: Level 1 and Beyond!

There is not enough time or space to talk about every type of holster on the market. Holsters are like handguns: very personal, so you need to pick one that works for you. This little segment just talks very briefly about retention. Level 1 is nothing but friction. Level 2 includes a snap in addition to that friction. Level 3 is something you would see on a police holster—that is: friction, a snap or lever, AND a hood or other retention device.

Into the Fray, Episode 26: A Little Bit About Holsters | USCCA Video 

Level 1 and beyond! Friction alone makes your holster a Level 1. Friction, plus a snap, makes it a Level 2. But there are more and different styles of retention. We cover them all in Concealed Carry Magazine.

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