Did you know that all this month, the USCCA is recognizing and celebrating women? I am so lucky to have met, trained with, worked alongside and learned from some of the most amazing ladies in our industry. And although the task was not simple, I’ve narrowed a long list down to five of the most influential women to highlight for the next five weeks, and I’ve given each of them a handful of questions to ponder and answer. Their backgrounds, experiences, talents and careers may be completely different, but their mission is the same: to share support of our Second Amendment and the right to protect what we love.

Dianna Muller: Retired Law Enforcement Officer, Professional Competitive Shooter and Founder of Ambassador Academy

This first week, I am focusing on Dianna Muller, retired law enforcement officer, professional competitive shooter and founder of Ambassador Academy and the D.C. Project. I have admired Dianna, a well-known figure in the firearms industry, from afar for a long while. And I was thrilled to be able to get to know her more and work with her side by side through the D.C. Project. This non-partisan initiative brings women from all 50 states together to make connections, establish relationships and work with legislators to reveal the faces and stories of gun owners and Second Amendment supporters. It’s a powerfully diverse group of women that is dedicated to #DoingSomething to make a difference in our country by focusing on education, not legislation.

In my book, you are an important influencer in the firearms industry. Who do you feel is your audience, and what are your most significant messages to them?  

Well, thank you! I feel like my audience is the average “Joe Patriot.” And my most significant message is to encourage my audience to run for office or vote for constitutionally sound candidates. Just get involved!

What has been one of your best success stories or proudest moments? 

Testifying in front of the House Judiciary Committee on the Assault Weapons Ban was definitely a highlight. Although [my statement] “I will not comply” was not in the script, it turns out a lot of people felt the same way! 

Talk about a failure or a “miss” you experienced. What did you learn from it?  

I have made many missteps, but the one thing it reminds me of is that everything will be OK. It’s so hard not to stress out over a bad event, but those missteps have taught me patience.  

Which people, organizations, training or books have had the most influence on your growth — and why?  

Moms Demand Action seem[s] to be fueling me at the moment. The thought of this group smearing law-abiding gun owners and shaming and blaming us for “gun violence” makes me crazy. I know my community … and we are good people. And I have it on my heart to show the world what kind of people we are.  

What keeps you going when things get tough?  

The importance of 2A advocacy keeps me going. I feel like it’s the capstone of America, and I kind of like what we’ve got going on here! 

What are some goals for you and/or for your organization?  

As far as the Ambassador Academy, I hope that companies will buy into the notion that it is in their best interest[s] that they send their ambassadors to learn how to film and edit, how to talk on camera and how to handle hostile communications — online and in person. [For the D.C. Project,] my goal is to let loose of the reins and let it grow … let our state leaders take the effort back to the state and local level[s] … and to really be engaged in the community and show them that gun owners care (#GunOwnersCare).

You can follow Dianna on Facebook and join in on the D.C. Project’s movement.