The other day, I saw a tongue-in-cheek video that was poking fun at vegetarians. The video was parodying what it would be like if meat eaters talked to vegetarians the way they often speak to us. Well…this just got me thinking: What if the conversations were turned upside down in our world? What if responsible gun owners talked to everyone else like they talked down to us?

For instance, I can imagine myself right now addressing a fellow mom about her decision to have a swimming pool. And I think that the following dialogue might represent what the conversation would look like, if I turned the tables and used the anti-gun zealots’ tactics on someone else.

“Wow. You have a swimming pool.

“I…I never knew. I honestly didn’t think that you would be the type of person who had a pool. It’s just so irresponsible. And it’s so dangerous. Do you even know how dangerous pools are? Do you realize how many people die every year by pool? Think of all the children who die. Think of YOUR children. Are you willing to sacrifice their safety just so you can take a dip now and then? Is that worth it? To know that someone could die at any moment?

“I can’t imagine having a swimming pool at my home. Just knowing that this death liquid was lurking outside the backdoor 24-7 would be enough to make me a nervous wreck. I mean…really. Have you even watched the news lately? Have you seen how many pool deaths there have been? I bet you know tons of people who have family members or loved ones who have died by pool. Or maybe you, personally, know someone who died this way. Think about it. How do you think THEY would feel if they knew you had a pool? You’re just swimming all over their deaths, like it doesn’t even matter.

“You realize that you are jeopardizing yourself and your family. And I’m not sure I can come over to your house anymore. In fact, I’m not sure I even want to be around someone who owns a pool. Pools cause deaths. Thousands of deaths every year. Get the facts! The CDC reports that every day, about ten people die from drowning in a pool. Of those deaths, two are children aged 14 or younger. Did you hear me? Two children die every day by pool! And drowning ranks fifth among the leading causes of unintentional injury death in the United States.

“Do you just not care? Does it not bother you that children are dying every single day because of a pointless, unnecessary object like a pool? It’s so selfish. And it’s gotten out of hand. There are more than 10 million pools in America right now. I’m not even counting hot tubs. And I bet these pool owners have never taken a class about pool safety. Statistics show that fewer than 25% of pool owners even use safety covers. And don’t even get me started on how easy it is to get a pool, even just a small one. You can pick one up anywhere…even on Craigslist!

“It’s terrible. And I feel so sorry for you. I wish you’d open your eyes to the truth. I wish you would see how horrible swimming pools are…and how valuable life is. A pool is just not worth it.”

I realize that this made-up conversation sounds pretty ludicrous. I am certainly not trying to make light of ANY kind of accident, injury, or death. But I hear this kind of thing all the time…from other people…about guns. I bet you do, too. I would just hope that everyone knows that if you are careful and responsible, and if you make a constant commitment to safety, you can live safely with firearms…or with swimming pools.