How to Survive the Apocalypse

After a week in Las Vegas, it is good to be home. I spent the week at the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) show looking over the latest gear and guns, watching people buy and sell firearms and ammunition at an amazing pace.

It seems the POTUS firearms sales machine was working in full force. But it wasn’t just guns and ammo that were flying off the shelves. MTM Case-Gard offers what they have termed the Survivor Ammo Can. It is designed for burying your ammunition and gear. The Survivor looks like a black bucket, but it includes a lid held in place by screws and secured with two O-rings. This is not a fast-access canister, but one that allows the user to safely bury anything they want to hide underground. The product is so new, MTM doesn’t even have a photo of it up on the website yet and already it is so popular retailers can’t keep them in stock. I guess that shows the mindset of American gun owners these days. Pretty soon we will all be hiding stuff in our backyards. Sad but true.

The can is just the right size for a handgun and a pile of ammo and includes a waterproof bag and a desiccant packet to keep things dry. For those convinced we will be facing some coming “troubles,” this can is a great way to store and secure things you don’t want others to get their hands on. Good luck trying find one, though. It seems everyone has the same idea.

Following that same idea, Lansky Sharpeners has developed the T.A.S.K (Tactical Apocalypse Survival Kit) built around two important needs: water and fire.  The kit includes a water purification system, fire-building materials, knives and a survival hatchet that is sure to get all the tough jobs done. Of course it includes some great sharpening utensils to keep an edge on every implement you own. The T.A.S.K comes with it’s own backpack, suitable for carrying this kit and a few other items in times of need.

It seems to me the recent focus on surviving the “end times” is starting to gather more and more traction.  And I don’t just mean the “reality” series, Doomsday Preppers. Good and decent people are starting to adopt the old Boy Scout motto: Be Prepared. Some think they have a good reason. They believe the government and our economic system is on the verge of collapse.  I don’t know about all that, but I am just old enough to remember the survivalist craze of the 1980s when everyone was preparing for nuclear war and the inevitable survival scenarios such a catastrophe would bring. It seems that thinking has come around again, with the focus firmly on being prepared for a time “when things go bad.” I would say it is not something I am looking forward to, but at the same time, I wonder if just a little bit of preparedness will help in the long run. I’ve put together (sort of) a bug out bag and gathered up a few items I think might come in handy should an electro-magnetic pulse bring despair to the land.  I may not be totally ready, but I am ready enough. Just as I was ready during the Y2K scare and the half a dozen other end of the world predictions that have come and gone during my adult life.

During the Y2K hullaballoo, people were gathering up generators, gasoline and food products. They were storing water, stockpiling medical supplies and generally preparing for the worst. One day, my neighbor was stacking some extra firewood and he asked me, “What are you storing up for this Y2K thing?”

My answer was short but to the to point. “Ammo,” I said. “That way I can get anything else I need.”

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