Cover and concealment are not the same things. Concealment hides you. Bullets can pass through. Cover, on the other hand, stops incoming rounds. It prevents the bullet from hitting you, but it can also stop outgoing rounds.

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Obviously, cover is better than concealment. If cover isn’t immediately an option, don’t pass up concealment. But do try to move to better defensive cover.

How to Use Defensive Cover

Because cover is what stops incoming bullets, you do not want to expose any more of your body than is necessary to get your defense rounds around the cover.

Tip No. 1: Don’t crowd your cover. You don’t want to shoot into the back of your cover. That will lead to bullet pieces and fragments all around you. Plus, your bullet will be less effective in stopping the bad guy if they hit the cover.

Tip No. 2: Position your feet properly. To shoot around the right side of your cover, stagger your feet with the right foot in front. Flex your right knee to just sort of roll forward and out. Shoot as soon as you see your target. You do not want to lean too far out.
If you’re shooting around the left side of your cover, switch your feet. You may have to lean farther out if you keep your standard grip. Alternatively, you can switch to your other strong hand grip.

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